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Reading Around the World

Q. Hello. Our whole school is going to be participating in a ‘Reading Around the World’ theme next term.  Each class is going to read a book set in a different country, and will be finding out about that country. Please could you recommend some fiction set in different countries, which include plenty of detail about that country’s people and culture? We also need some non-fiction books to help the children with their own research. A.   There…

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Gender Stereotypes in Children’s Books

This week I read that another publisher, Buster Books, has agreed to stop labeling their books as ‘for Boys’ or ‘for Girls’.  Publishers Usborne, Scholastic, Parragon, Egmont, Ladybird Books and others had all previously agreed to drop gendered titles from their children’s books.  So we may soon be seeing the last of  “The Gorgeous Girls’ Colouring Book” and  “The Brilliant Boys’ Book of Adventure”! This change is down to campaigning group Let Books Be Books, a group of…

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