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Shining a Light on the Dark Ages: Anglo-Saxons and Vikings for years 3/4 April 3, 2017 – Posted in: Book News, Booklist Updates, Our Favourites

The period after the Romans left Britain in 410 to the crowning of our first Norman king, William the Conqueror, in 1066 is an important and fascinating part of British history.  As part of the history curriculum for key stage 2, more children than ever are now learning about the so-called ‘Dark Ages’ (something to debate with your pupils! How dark were the ‘Dark Ages’ really?). The history of the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings in Britain are

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The Great Fire of London October 12, 2016 – Posted in: Book News

The Great Fire of London is having its 350th anniversary in 2016 and there are some wonderful new books being published just in time. The Great Fire is one of the most gripping events in British history and a topic that KS1 children really get enthusiastic about. The Great Fire of London: 350th Anniversary is an utterly stunning book from Wayland Press by Emma Adams. The illustrations are so vivid and beautifully designed and the text

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