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Girl Power! 50(ish) Books to Empower Girls January 31, 2017 – Posted in: Book News, Our Favourites

Last weekend we saw millions of women (and men and children!) around the world take to the streets and march for gender equality.  Mr Trump’s election was the catalyst for the Washington march, but the protests in the UK and elsewhere also served to highlight the fundamental rights and freedoms of women, which continue to feel threatened in our 21st century society. Feeling inspired by friends and family attending marches around the world, I have put

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A Year Full of Stories: Folk Tales for Young and Old. November 7, 2016 – Posted in: Book News

This week we’ve been looking at Traditional Tales, and how some books are using re-tellings, alternative versions, and unique new formats to re-invent some much-loved stories for a new audience. A Year Full of Stories is a stunning book, jam-packed with traditional folk tales from all over the world, including The Magic Porridge Pot, The Hare and the Moon, and The World’s Shortest Ghost Story. The book is beautifully put together with gorgeous illustrations and

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