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Frozen Worlds

Inspired by the BBC’s recent ‘Arctic Live’ programmes, we’ve been revisiting our ‘Frozen Worlds’ booklists. So wrap up warm and take a look at the frozen regions of our planet with some wonderfully snowy books! The incredibly beautiful, yet often deadly, wilds of the Arctic and Antarctic make for a fabulous cross-curricular topic for either KS1 or 2.  The books in our book lists cover subjects from historical expeditions to wildlife habitats and environmental issues. Click on the links…

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How To Be An Astronaut and Books on Space for KS1 & 2

There’s never been a better time to start a Space topic! 2015 was a big year for space — living in it, travelling through it, and unraveling its many mysteries. We saw NASA’s Dawn mission arriving at the dwarf planet Ceres, some major advances in commercial space flight, the Curiosity rover on Mars continuing to wow the world with incredible images and science from the slopes the red planet, and much more. And 2016 looks…

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