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Spending Pupil Premium Funding on Books

We work with schools across the country to provide book parcels for children who attract pupil premium funding. This is a service that increasing numbers of schools have asked for recently, as they try to encourage reading for pleasure and want to change attitudes to reading and provide books for those children who may not have access to them at home.

Research by the National Literacy Trust has shown that children who are eligible for free school meals are much less likely to own books of their own. Their study revealed a strong link between young peoples’ reading ability and their access to books at home. They conclude that “without access to books of their own children are less likely to have positive experiences of reading, less likely to do well at school and less likely to be engaged in reading in any form.”

National Literacy Trust - Research Key Findings
National Literacy Trust - Research Key Findings

Key findings:

  • 9% of children and young people say that they don’t own have a book of their own at home, a statistic that has remained static over the past year. This means that 1 in 11 children and young people in the UK miss the benefits of having their own books
  • This ratio drops to 1 in 8 pupils who receive free school meals who told us that they don’t have a book of their own at home
  • 51.24 is the average number of books owned by children and young people who say that they have books of their own at home
  • Not only do fewer disadvantaged pupils say that they have a book of their own at home than their advantaged peers, but those who do have books of their own report fewer books than their more advantaged peers (39.8 vs. 52.6)

'A Book of Their Own' Scheme

Complete a Request for a 'Book of Their Own' Using Pupil Premium
Complete a Request for a 'Book of Their Own' Using Pupil Premium


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    Other Book Buying Options

    You could also use Pupil Premium Funding to buy new books for your library or classrooms at school, perhaps for a particular project or reading incentive.  You may want to check out our Book Lists for each year group for ideas.

    We can also help with sourcing Reading Scheme books to raise reading levels from Early Years up and assist children with Phonics learning.  Whether you’d like to start a whole new scheme or just need a top-up in some levels, contact us for advise on what we can provide.

    If you’d like to spend some of your pupil premium funding on books we can be very flexible with what we offer and will always work entirely to suit your needs.  Contact us  today to discuss how you’d like to allocate your budget.