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When Cucumber Lost His Cool

A perfectly-pitched tale of fun and friendship, from master storyteller Michelle Robinson and illustrator extraordinaire Tom Knight. Kevin the cucumber is so cool – everybody knows it! Whenever anyone gets hot and bothered, Kevin is always there to cool them down. He even has his own super cool cucumber song: “I’m super cool Kevin and this is my song! Make like a cucumber, you can’t go wrong.

You wanna be cool? Then repeat after me: I am a cucumber, cool as can be!” But when Kevin starts to feel like his friends are leaving him out, something happens that has never happened before: KEVIN. LOSES. HIS.

COOL! Will Kevin’s friends be there for him when he needs them most? Rhyming text by Michelle Robinson is full of energy and rhythm. Bright, bold illustrations by Tom Knight bring the brilliant story to life. This laugh-out-loud story is a super fun way for children to think about emotions – whether it’s their own or someone else’s.


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