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A Very Corgi Christmas

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Belle loves the bustle of Christmas preparations at Buckingham Palace, but her family say she’s in the way, and that Christmas is not for corgis! So Belle decides to slip out and explore London, where she?s sure there will be Christmas spirit in abundance. But on the busy streets, Belle finds everything a bit too bright and a bit too noisy.

Luckily, a streetwise puppy called Pip turns up and whisks Belle off on a wonderfully romantic whirl around the sights of London. All too soon it?s time to head home, but when the couple finally works out how to get back into the palace, Pip disappears. Will Belle ever see him again? Perhaps with the help of a special royal couple, who might just bring Belle a wonderful Christmas surprise.

For dog-lovers everywhere, this Lady and the Tramp-esque jaunt around London at Christmas is full of heart – and waggy tails!


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