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Source to Resource: Water: From Raindrop to Tap

What happens when you turn on a tap? Or the washing machine, shower or garden hose? Water flows! Most of us use water all day, every day, without thinking about it. But how does it get to our homes?

Water is one of the most amazing resources that we use in abundance and have come to rely on heavily. It is used in all sorts of household chores, leisure activities and in work and industry. From the pitter-patter of raindrops to the whoosh of water from the shower, From Raindrop to Tap follows the journey from the source to the resource.

The book begins by looking at what water is and where it comes from, and the all-important water cycle; it then moves on to explore how water is stored and treated ready to be pumped around the country and into our homes. Finally it considers the environmental impact of our water use and what we can do to use less water in our daily lives. Also touched on are the issues of how people live in places that do not have a reliable water supply, and the methods that can be used to clean water that is in short supply.


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