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Oliver Twist

In the dark, dangerous streets of Victorian London, Oliver enters the world of people so poor and desperate that they will take any risk and know no mercy. Relentlessly pursued by the menacing criminal world, who should Oliver trust? Are his true friends strong enough to resist the determined plotting of desperate villains? In this gripping tale of kidnapping, shooting and murder, Charles Dickens shows the threats to a vulnerable boy’s existence and asks the eternal question: which is more powerful, good or evil?

The classic story of Oliver Twist is?expertly re-told by Gill Tavner in this Baker Street Readers adaptation. An enchanting taste of the original novel that?quotes the best-known lines and memorable moments, the text is supported by wonderfully witty (and sometimes scary!) illustrations. An introductory ‘cast of characters’ list and an appendix with points for further discovery assist young readers to explore this timeless tale.


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