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Hugs and Kisses

There are two sides to every story … 
Flip the book to read each side of the story in this enchanting tale of a whale and an octopus on their search for love, ending with a huge pop-up surprise.

Big Blue Whale is feeling small. Everyone has someone to hug except from him!
On his journey to find the perfect hug he meets lots of sea creatures who want to hug him including a kind clown fish and a sea horse with a very swirly, whirly tail. But he’s just too big for them to hug!

On the other side of the ocean, Octopus is playing bubble ball with her friends. But when she bangs her head (ouch!) she really needs a kiss better. She meets lots of friendly creatures who offer to give her a kiss, but her tentacles are just too tangly and she begins to think she will never get a kiss better …

Join the two creatures as they journey across the ocean to find their perfect match in this under the sea story of love, determination and friendship by Sam Hay and Emma Dodd.

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