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Meet the Meeks!

Myrtle Meek has everything she could possibly want. But everything isn?t enough. She wants more,?more,?MORE!?When Myrtle declares she wants a FING, there?s only one problem ? What?is?a FING?

Mr and Mrs Meek will do anything to keep their darling daughter happy, even visit the spooky library vaults to delve into the dusty pages of the mysterious?Monsterpedia. Their desperate quest leads to the depths of the jungliest jungle where the rarest creatures can be found. But will they ever find a FING?

An explosively funny, totally surreal Tall Story about two perfectly nice parents and their unbelievably monstrous daughter from the phenomenal bestselling author David Walliams. This book is aimed at slightly younger readers than Walliams’s other novels, but will definitely make everyone laugh!?


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