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Bumper Blobheads

From the pair behind?Muddle Earth?and?The Edge Chronicles, Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell’s?Bumper Blobheads?contains four illustrated Blobheads books with a brand new cover look to celebrate the 20th Anniversary: ‘Invasion of the Blobs’, ‘Talking Toasters’, ‘School Stinks!’ and ‘Beware of the Babysitter’.

Are there blobheads in your toilet?

Billy Barnes has found Blobheads in his bathroom. Blobheads are weird purple aliens from the planet Blob. They arrived in Billy’s toilet through an alpha-gamma space-time wormhole. And they’re on a very important mission. Kerek and Zerek are highly intelligent intergalactic beings. Their companion Derek is … um … an intergalactic being. They’re trying to find the Most High Emperor of the universe. And they think they’re going to discover him in Billy’s bathroom …


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