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The Great Fire of London is having its 350th anniversary in 2016 and there are some wonderful new books being published just in time. The Great Fire is one of the most gripping events in British history and a topic that KS1 children really get enthusiastic about.

The Great Fire of London: 350th Anniversary is an utterly stunning book from Wayland Press by Emma Adams. The illustrations are so vivid and beautifully designed and the text really engages and brings the topic to life. We really can’t recommend this book enough for any KS1 classrooms this is a must have companion to your Great Fire of London lesson plans.

The Baker’s Boy and the Great Fire of London taken from the point of view of Will Farriner, whose family bakery was the catalyst for the entire event. This book is a great intro into the topic, with a picture book style layout and text that is ideal for early readers and will really give children a sense of the drama that unfolded during the Great Fire.

Toby and the Great Fire of London much like The Baker’s Boy, this early reader tackles the event through the eyes of a child at the time of the event. This story centres around Toby who is trying to make a delivery to Mr Pepys, whose diaries have become synonymous with The Great Fire. This book is again, great for readers starting to build their confidence and the illustrations by Jane Cope really engage and helped to build up a picture of the entire disaster.

Ladybird Histories: The Great Fire of London is an extremely well out together and detailed account of the Great Fire. It contains lots of information about the history of the Great Fire, as well as looking deeper into the environment of London at the time, the various key people involved and also lots of information about the emergency services and the tireless work they endured. This title is perfect for those looking for further reading on the subject and for confident readers.

Further Reading
Great Fire of London Activity Book
To accompany the Wayland Press book of the same title is a new activity book, which is jam-packed with various activities from baking bread to creating your very own water buckets out of card. This will make for some really fun and interesting lessons about this subject, which is sure to engage and enthuse any KS1 classes.