Getting to Grips with Reading – Reluctant Readers in Key Stage 2 June 20, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

There is a book out there for every child. Although finding that book can be more challenging for some children than others.

Learning to read can seem like a wall some children feel they just cannot scale. As the safety of the predictable language, word-light and illustration-heavy books of Key Stage 1 are replaced by sophisticated vocabulary, complex themes and few-and-far-between illustrations in older children’s literature, it can be at this point that some children feel as though books and the world of reading are passing them by.

If children find reading too difficult it is exhausting and demotivating, it is therefore no wonder that those children can find themselves disengaging from books altogether and ultimately leaving school as non-readers. To make the problem even worse so many children’s books that are written with fewer words on the page and with helpful illustrations are not written at an interest level for older readers, the content is just not appealing because they have been written with younger children in mind.

It is for these reasons that we need to find books for older children that feel like real books, with content that is age-appropriate but which doesn’t require the stamina that most chapter books require. For a child, especially a reluctant reader, to start and finish a book is enormously encouraging, so finding books that they read cover-to-cover could give them the boost they need to keep on reading.

We have gathered a selection of books suited to children in Key Stage 2 which are less dense, feature beautiful illustrations and which capture the attention and imagination of older children. The selection includes picture books, graphic novels, non-fiction and illustrated chapter books.

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