The Funniest Books for Children! August 16, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

There is something really quite magical about hearing a child laughing as they read a book. Tapping into an author’s sense of humour and chuckling along shows that they are not only really absorbed in the narrative but also really getting a kick out of what they are reading. The chances are, they will want to read more from the same author – and anything that encourages children to want to read more is fine by us!

With this in mind we are particularly excited to see the Laugh-Out-Loud Book Awards (AKA ‘The Lollies‘) return for a fourth year! The Lollies specifically focus on children’s books that simply make them (and us for that matter) feel good, and what’s even better is that the winners are voted for by children!

At the time of writing we are waiting – with much anticipation – to hear the shortlist for this year’s Lollies, and in honour of this forthcoming event we have put together a list of children’s books – both new and not-so-new – that have really tickled us. We have categorised our selection by age-range, some of which will be perfect to read aloud to children and some they will want to squirrel away into a cosy corner on their own for a bit of giggling-escapism!