First week of School – It’s Good to be Me! July 18, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

The first week of a new term at school, with a new classroom and teacher is always a bit of a ‘getting to know you’ week. It’s often a time that children are asked to share a bit about themselves with their teacher and peers, listing their likes and dislikes… sometimes completing a piece of writing on the topic of ‘All About Me’ or perhaps creating a self-portrait!

The children also love to hear a bit about the home life of their new teacher – it always seems to fascinate them (as if they can’t quite imagine that teachers lead a separate life away from school!) They love to find out where they live, if they have any pets, if they are married or have children and what they like to do for fun… this is exactly why – to the great interest of any new class – a teacher will often put together a little box of photos and treasures from home to share with the children and the children may be asked to complete something similar over the summer holidays to bring in to school at the start of term.

Of course it’s pretty natural for children to be inquisitive and to show an interest in the differences between each of us, and the first week of term is the perfect opportunity to discuss those differences and to celebrate them! It’s likely that within a class there will be children from a variety of different backgrounds, faiths, abilities and family set-ups all of which children should learn to respect and accept. This great TED talk – with a focus on people with ASD – by 10 year old Cole Blakeway shows that all of us are special and that we should be happy to be ourselves.

Thinking ahead to our new class cohorts of September 2019 we have put together a range of books that really celebrate our personal differences, our diverse society and how important it is to be proud of who we are. Click on any of the books below to find out more!