Cricket World Cup – 2019 June 13, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

Cricket was once the national sport of England – back in the 18th Century – and its origins are even older as it’s thought that the game was invented by children living in the South-East of England in the 16th Century. Nowadays Cricket is an international sport second only to football in terms of spectatorship.

This year the Cricket World Cup organised by the ICC (the International Cricket Council), is being hosted by England and Wales, the tournament is already in full swing and will come to a close on the 14th July.  Will England hold on to the title??

Whilst it’s  great that we have a World-class Cricket team leading the way in 2019, to make sure this continues we need to make sure our children are just as inspired and enthused to have a go, get involved and grow to love and play the sport themselves. As Cricket started in the woodland clearings of the Weald our school playing fields and local greens are the perfect breeding ground for Cricket superstars of the future! The ICC has been working with Chance to Shine this year in a schools programme to make sure children today are as excited about Cricket as they have always been. Read more about this initiative here.

Here at Bags of Books we have compiled a list of books for children to read to them as the tournament heats up and we move closer to the final. Click on any of the books below to read more.