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Celebrating Spring! February 9, 2018 – Posted in: Top 10

Following the long British winter, Spring is always much anticipated and very welcome when it finally breaks cover each year! As nature slowly comes back to life we start to see daffodils and bluebells spring up around us, hear the dawn chorus getting a little bolder, and feel just a little more heat in that sunshine. These and other wonderful signs of spring, like frogspawn, bumblebees and cheery blossom, appear in this cheerful selection of Continue reading

Top Ten Christmas (and Wintery) Stories for Children December 13, 2016 – Posted in: Top 10

This time of year is perfect for curling up with a good book and Christmas and wintery stories are some of the most magical and atmospheric of books.  I love traditional Christmas stories and the long-time favourites always  take centre-stage in both the shop and our home for the month of December.  This year I’ll also be eagerly reading (and re-reading!) a few newer seasonal titles alongside the old favourites.  Here are my very own Top Ten

Continue reading