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10 Perfect Poetry Books

Poetry is now a major focus within the national curriculum, and we've helped lots of teachers and school librarians who are keen to find inspiring poetry books that will capture children's imaginations. It's a form of writing that can seem like a bit of a hard sell to some young readers, especially when compared to a gripping story or a beautifully presented non-fiction book. But poetry doesn't have to be dry or difficult – here's… Continue reading

12 Books to Help Kids Understand Immigration

We live in a nation of immigrants. But what does that mean to 3, 6, or 12-year-old? Maybe they’ve heard about people arriving in boats from across the channel. Or seen people on TV debating the 'immigration issue' and heard that some immigrants are "illegal". Maybe they know someone who recently immigrated to the U.K. — and who is struggling to fit in. Maybe immigration is part of their own family’s story. Educating young people about… Continue reading

Green Theme! Books with an Environmental Message

When the future of the planet is tied into decisions the younger generation make today, it’s crucial to have conversations about the environment with our children. But how do we talk about such complex issues, bound up with science and politics, in an engaging way? Books with a ‘green theme’ can provide a useful starting point! We have chosen some books here that may make young people think more deeply about climate change and environmental… Continue reading

60 Book Ideas for Kids Who’d Rather Be Gaming

Most parents and teachers in today's world have come to accept that computer (or xbox, or whatever your technology of choice may  be) games are pretty much a fact of life for our children. Boys in particular can be hugely passionate about their gaming and desperate to spend as many hours as possible glued to a screen. It's not hard to understand why; these games are created to be  immensely rewarding and psychologically engrossing. With… Continue reading

Books for Worriers

Just like adults, children and young people will feel worried and anxious at times.  Children tend to feel anxious about different things at different ages, for example younger children will often feel separation anxiety.  Specific fears like the dark, storms or monsters under the bed are also common in early childhood.  And as children grow social anxiety can hit as they try to navigate friendships and fitting in with their peers. Whether a child has… Continue reading