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Cricket World Cup – 2019

Cricket was once the national sport of England - back in the 18th Century - and its origins are even older as it's thought that the game was invented by children living in the South-East of England in the 16th Century. Nowadays Cricket is an international sport second only to football in terms of spectatorship. This year the Cricket World Cup organised by the ICC (the International Cricket Council), is being hosted by England and Continue reading

75th Anniversary of D Day – 6th June 2019

Today, 6th June 2019, marks the 75th Anniversary of the D Day Landings of World War II, in which the allied forces of over 150,000 troops from Britain, America, Canada and France landed in Normandy, breaking through the German Army's defences. This important event marked both the largest sea-invasion in history as well as the crucial turning point in beginning the liberation of North-West Europe from the Nazis. Each year around the world on 6th Continue reading

Mindfulness and Yoga

Much has been written about the importance of living more mindful lives. The growing need to focus on taking time to live in the moment, being fully present in whatever we are doing comes as a timely antidote to reports of rising anxiety levels in children and more and more screens competing for our attention. Mindfulness and Yoga both work brilliantly in the school setting, allowing children to make meaningful links between both their emotional Continue reading

Getting to Grips with Reading in EYFS & KS1

Learning to read can be really tough, not only do our children have to learn all 26 letters of the alphabet but also the many additional letter combinations we have created to be able to make sense of our very complex English language. It’s a lot of work and takes time but the rewards are beyond measure. Learning to read is an incredible gift but it’s not just about having the skill of ‘decoding’; it Continue reading

Oceans and Plastics Pollution

WWF have partnered with Tes to create a series of new resources for teachers and leaders of 7-11 year olds, who want to put Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at the heart of their school and inspire a new generation of sustainability champions. Through ESD, we can motivate and empower young people to come up with creative solutions to the environmental and sustainability challenges we face, and make positive change happen. One of the first Continue reading