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The Funniest Books for Children! August 16, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

There is something really quite magical about hearing a child laughing as they read a book. Tapping into an author's sense of humour and chuckling along shows that they are not only really absorbed in the narrative but also really getting a kick out of what they are reading. The chances are, they will want to read more from the same author - and anything that encourages children to want to read more is fine Continue reading

First week of School – It’s Good to be Me! July 18, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

The first week of a new term at school, with a new classroom and teacher is always a bit of a 'getting to know you' week. It's often a time that children are asked to share a bit about themselves with their teacher and peers, listing their likes and dislikes... sometimes completing a piece of writing on the topic of 'All About Me' or perhaps creating a self-portrait! The children also love to hear a Continue reading

Our Top 25 – Twisted Fairy Tales July 11, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

It's so important that children become familiar with the classic fairy tales. They provide a story-telling structure that is essential to developing early composition by following a familiar path of introducing characters and settings from the get-go, as well as a plot that always includes a beginning, build-up, problem, resolution and end. Having deep familiarity with these story structures as well as classic characters and themes in children's literature is a spring board for children Continue reading

Starting School July 3, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

The end of term is almost upon us, and after a well-earned rest teachers will be welcoming in a new class for the start of the next academic year. Some children will be moving to a completely new school or will be starting school for the first time in September. It can be a huge emotional wrench for children to leave their parents or carers; add to that new friends, teachers, routines and a totally Continue reading

50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing June 27, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

On 16th July 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins boarded the most powerful rocket ever made – the Saturn V – and blasted off into space on the Apollo 11 mission to the Moon. The astronauts flew the incredible 240,000 mile journey over four days and Neil Armstrong then guided their Lunar Module – the Eagle – safely onto the surface. Neil’s words "The Eagle Has Landed" marked the start of humankind’s greatest Continue reading