January 17, 2021

Oceans and Plastics Pollution April 15, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

WWF have partnered with Tes to create a series of new resources for teachers and leaders of 7-11 year olds, who want to put Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) at the heart of their school and inspire a new generation of sustainability champions. Through ESD, we can motivate and empower young people to come up with creative solutions to the environmental and sustainability challenges we face, and make positive change happen. One of the first Continue reading

Picture Books about Friendship March 13, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

Childhood friendships are such an important part of school life, but can often be something of a minefield to navigate and can prove a huge challenge for young children. The books in this collection aim to help young children understand what it means to be a good friend and how to handle friendship problems. [TS_VCSC_Image_Link_Grid content_images="16161,16158,16162,16164,16169,16156,16152,16160,16167,16163,16153,16168,16166,16151,16165" content_images_links="https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/hector-and-hummingbird/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/frog-toad-friends/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/horrible-bear/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/those-pesky-rabbits/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/squirrels-who-squabbled/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/cyril-and-pat/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/bubble-trouble/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/grrrrr/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/red-rockets-rainbow-jelly/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/on-sudden-hill/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/can-join-club/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/secret-worth-sharing/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/want-play-trucks/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/anna-and-otis/,https://www.bagsofbooklists.com/product/pip-posy-super-scooter/" data_grid_space="6"] 1. Hector and Hummingbird Hector and Hummingbird are the best of friends. Mostly. Everything Hector does, Hummingbird wants Continue reading

Cultural Diversity in Children’s Books – Posted in: Book News

It was reported last year that diversity in children’s publishing is still sadly lacking.  Research by the Centre for Literacy in Primary Education (CLPE) found that of 9,115 titles published last year, only 4% featured BAME characters.  And just 1% had a BAME main character. This imbalance obviously needs addressing and we hope much more will be done in the coming months and years to make sure that children of all backgrounds are represented in the books they Continue reading

10 Perfect Poetry Books February 4, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

Poetry is now a major focus within the national curriculum, and we've helped lots of teachers and school librarians who are keen to find inspiring poetry books that will capture children's imaginations. It's a form of writing that can seem like a bit of a hard sell to some young readers, especially when compared to a gripping story or a beautifully presented non-fiction book. But poetry doesn't have to be dry or difficult – here's Continue reading

12 Books to Help Kids Understand Immigration January 23, 2019 – Posted in: Book News

We live in a nation of immigrants. But what does that mean to 3, 6, or 12-year-old? Maybe they’ve heard about people arriving in boats from across the channel. Or seen people on TV debating the 'immigration issue' and heard that some immigrants are "illegal". Maybe they know someone who recently immigrated to the U.K. — and who is struggling to fit in. Maybe immigration is part of their own family’s story. Educating young people about Continue reading