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DK has a long-standing reputation as a publisher of fantastic non-fiction books for children, so teachers will be glad to learn that the DK Find Out! series continues this tradition. Aimed at children aged six to eight years old, each book offers a sound, well laid-out introduction to a non-fiction topic. There is an excellent and diverse range of subjects to choose from, including sharks, engineering, the Solar System, reptiles and amphibians, Ancient Rome, science, pirates and coding.

The books combine clear text, photographs and illustrations with infographic-style elements that add a modern feel. There are also quizzes, maps and diagrams with keys explaining the important points on the page, and fact boxes with snippets of weird and wonderful trivia.

A particularly effective feature is the inclusion of interviews with experts – for example with a volcanologist in DK Find Out! Volcanoes – which bring the subject to life with real immediacy. There are even imagined interviews with historical figures, so in DK Find Out! Ancient Rome, readers can “hear” from Julius Caesar as he expounds upon his greatness – just before the Ides of March (oops!).

Each book offers some brilliant extra features, including a glossary, a space to write your own notes, and gate-fold pages at the front and back with additional information, such as fun fact files on famous explorers in DK Find Out! Earth, and a graphic showing the amazing difference in size between various types of insects in DK Find Out! Bugs.

The series is also linked in with a website, which contains lots of interactive features that support the topics covered in the books. With titles on robots and World War I coming in 2018, the series looks set to grow and grow, making it a particularly valuable curriculum-focused resource that bridges the gap between Key Stage 1 and Lower Key Stage 2 non-fiction.

With a retail price of £5.99 and 20% via our website, we think the DK Find Out books are also really great value!

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