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This week we’ve been looking at a selection of books for lower KS2 pupils learning about ancient Britain, in particular, Stone Age to the Iron Age. A couple of years ago there weren’t many publishers covering this topic but this year has seen some brilliant new books coming out that will be of great benefit to pupils learning about the topic.

Wayland Books have always been at the forefront of non-fiction resource books for schools, and their new range of Prehistoric Adventure books are simply brilliant. Each Book is written by archeologist John Malam, who specialises in books on the subject for children, and focuses on four different aspects of the Stone Age; Stone circles, ancient settlements, buriel places and hill forts.

The books are filled with a combination of photos, illustrations, diagrams, and maps all highlighted by bright graphics.The text is written in a really inviting and exciting way, and perfectly compliments the design. hillforts

Hill Forts looks at some of Britain’s ancient landmarks and includes lots of information about Iron Age artifacts like coins and weapons.

Settlements and Stone Circles have a wealth of information on Stone Age, Bronze settlementsAge, and Iron Age societies, and in particular, the culture of our ancestors is shown in the fantastic photo evidence throughout each book. Stones Circles looks at many famous landmarks including Stonehenge and really tries to tackle the mystery behind these ancient monuments and why they still appeal so much to visitors today.

stone circlesBurial Places the last in this series, is a chance to discover ancient tombs and ancestral buriel grounds, but it also has lots of information about beliefs of the time and how this often determined they way they buried their dead.buriel places
The books in the series have a brilliant glossary section, which is easy to use and understand all the terms and they also include some number facts, which would make for a great classroom quick fire quiz.


We highly recommend this series, each book allows the reader feel like they are on an adventure, and are perfect to support a pupil’s learning whilst keeping it fun.

Fiction titles for further reading

stone age boyStone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura is starting to become a bit of a classic. Beautiful watercolour illustrations bring this story, of a boy who stumbles into the Stone Age, to life. It’s a wonderful intro for younger readers to the Stone Age, filled with lots of interesting information, including how to make fire, and an arresting narrative that makes for a great companion book to the non-fiction books on our list.little nose

Little Nose Collection is a selection of stories about a naughty cave boy and the mischief he gets up too. Little Nose is always looking for adventure and this book really packs them in, giving the reader insights into how our ancestors had to survive. These stories which have some lovely illustrations by Ross Collins, will inspire many discussions with pupils and are a great introduction to an ancient world.

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