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Book Lovers, Welcome!

Here’s a little bit about us, for those of you who don’t know us very well (yet!😀) My name is Rachel and I run Bags of Books, an independent children’s bookshop based in Lewes, East Sussex. I have worked as a manager in Waterstones for the last 10 years. After learning the ropes I decided I was feeling brave enough to try running my own shop. So I took the plunge and aquired Bags of Books I live above the shop in a beautiful old 16th century building that’s a bit creaky and a bit leaky but I love.

Working with schools has always been a major part of our business. I spend the majority of my days seeking out those really great, quality children’s books that I know teachers (and kids!) will love. Sifting through piles of books, reading them, reviewing them, taking pictures, creating book lists, updating the website, gathering book collections for teachers, badgering publishers, and trying to get as much book information as possible out to you hard-working teachers in order to save you time, effort and money!📚❤️

Here are some of the things that we do when we come to work everyday:

Sale or Return Collections

You don’t need to  judge a book by its cover ever again! If you’d like to have a look through the books you choose before committing to purchasing, ask us to put together a themed collection of books for you to browse on a sale or return basis. Whether you’re studying Minibeasts with Reception, Ancient Greeks in Year 6, or need guided reading books on a particular theme, contact us with your requirements and we will tailor-make a collection of books for you. The books will be sent out to you at school to look through and you’ll only be invoiced once you’ve decided which ones you want to keep.

Library Top-Up

If your school or classroom library is looking sparse and dated contact us to renew and top-up your book selection.  We’re happy to order a specific list of books, if you know exactly what you want, or to put together a fresh, exciting collection of brand new books to your specification.

One way of keeping your library up-to-date is to order regular Books of the Month. Every month we hand-pick the very best quality, inspiring books, suitable across the primary age-range. These are (in my opinion!) the very children’s books published every month.  Keep your pupils really inspired and excited by the books in your library by ordering 10 of our Books of the Month to be delivered to your school every single month.

Pupil Premium

We work with schools across the country to provide book parcels for children who attract pupil premium funding. This is a service that increasing numbers of schools have asked for recently, as they try to encourage reading for pleasure and want to change attitudes to reading and provide books for those children who may not have access to them at home.  By using Pupil Premium Funding to give exciting, accessible, relevant and fun books you promote Reading For Pleasure and allow children to feel confident around books and proud of book ownership.

How Can We Help You?

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